Your Rights Explained

eBook and Product Rights Explained:

Copyright and trademarks are listed as per product.This means all eBooks and Graphics are copyright protected and CANNOT be changed or altered in any way!

Any additional rights such as what is listed below are in additional eBook rights and they are designated with each product. Please follow all rights per product explicitly!

  • NR = No Rights, No Resell!
  • RR = Resell Rights meaning limited resell rights on how you can resell the eBook.
  • MRR = Master Resell Rights meaning that you have the right to resell this eBook any way you like (although we personally recommend opening and reading the eBook and/or the license agreement included with the sale, to see if there are restrictions that come with the reselling of the eBook since there still can be restrictions per seller).
  • PLR = Private Label Rights and this is material you can change in any way you like. (Please NOTE: The eBooks listed on this website do NOT include PLR rights ever!)
  • FREE = Free to Read Rights only!
  • G = Give-Away Rights meaning you can give-away the eBook. Please be sure to check the license and/or eBook contents as there are usually restrictions on how you can give-away the eBook. (For example, they can require that you not bundle the eBook with any other product, many not list it in a database or a membership site, and there are many more). demands that you follow our Product Rights per eBook for use of any of our eBooks or eProducts!