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As you might have guessed, we found a way for all to win the game on advertising!


Be in an eBook.com is all about FREE advertising and participation in a group effort to make a unique eBook filled with quality content. Our website and Facebook group are seeking out like minded individuals to submit up to 4 entries in each of the group eBooks that we will complete once we have at least 25 submissions each. If we have more than that, we will issue deadlines, but we can easily create a second edition with an updated version of the original eBook.


All this unique participation with submissions leads to FREE Advertising. So, this is how it works…



Step 1 Submit your responses and information to any topic you like. Follow the rules for submission for each topic as listed.


Step 2: Once a topic reaches 25 submissions (including our submissions), DataWorkZ.com, Kris Williams, and Be in an eBook.com will create the eBook and an eCover (maybe 2).


Step 3: Upon eBook completion, you will be notified in the topic areas of submission with a download link for the PDF eBook and 1 eCover (maybe 2). You are then FREE to download and sell or give-away this eBook. However, you cannot change anything within the eBook itself. Once this is in eBook format, the eBook is copyright protected!


If you lose your copy, you can always come here for the latest download and perhaps submit more entries into another eBook started! There isn’t any limit on participation, as long as you follow the rules of engagement! We strongly encourage you to participate in every eBook as this is even more FREE advertising and exposure of your submissions to others! In turn, we hope to create a following worthy of larger content eBooks and production of huge quantities of eBooks! So, even though this may start small, it should provide FREE advertising for all those who wish to participate.


Thank you for your time and We hope to see your submissions!!


~Be in an eBook.com



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